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Schwarzkopf Professional

"Together. A passion for hair."

I fell in love with Schwarzkopf 10 years ago when I started using them as my color line at the salon I worked at. It was the perfect tool in my color belt. No matter what look I was going for or needed, Schwarzkopf had something to get me there.

After 7 years at that salon I decided to start my very own solo salon career with Beauty with Funchion. 


Now I'm a hair nerd, so I decided I needed to dive right into something that would keep me busy and full of knowledge. 

That's when i decided to train up to a Schwarzkopf Educator. 

I'm now a Senior ASK Expert for Schwarzkopf Professional & get to travel the country educating salons and stylists on the latest trends, techniques, & products.  Being able to soak up any information myself from them along the way keeps my fire going. It pushes me to continue to grow and bring all that knowledge back to you guys.

Their color + care products are an absolute staple for me behind the chair. I truly wouldn't be able to achieve all the beautiful looks we do without them. I'm so excited for you guys to try out their amazing take home products.

Shampoo. Conditioner. Masques.
Structure + Nurturing
Serums. Leave-ins. Protectants.
Styling Products. Dry Shampoos. Texture/Hair Sprays. 


Q: What's the price point for Schwarzkopf?

A: This is our Beginning Tier price point, but it's up there with the best of them! These products will last you 8-16 weeks based if you wash your hair 2-3 X a week. You can head to our shop to check out pricing, listed on the front page beneath the desired product.

Q: Why would I pick Schwarzkopf's over other lines?

A: Schwarzkopf's always been on top of the game for adding cutting edge of technology in their hair products. They help to repair & nourish  the bonds in our hair, creating incredible reinforcement. These products will nourish and replenish your hair from the inside out with some of the best quality ingredients out there. You'll notice great results with continued use. 

Q: So what type of client is this line beneficial for?

A: You guessed it! Anyone & everyone. My clients that especially love it are people newer to the game of figuring out what products work for them, or my clients that live heavy in the blonding / chemical realm. We know our hairs bonds and health with be secure with the technology in this line.

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