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Davines .PRO

Sustainable Beauty + Hair Care

Started by the Bolloti family in Parma, Italy. Davines sought harmony between science, nature, and beauty. With energized passion they designed a Product Company that has a a vision to to be: The best for the world & creators of good life for all; through beauty, ethics and sustainability.

For this reason + so many more is why I always choose Davines products to be part of my atmosphere. Professionally behind the chair & personally at home, I always have them with me. I fully trust, as I've seen first hand that they can transform the hair from the inside out. Creating happy, healthy hair. 

Made with the highly nourishing ingredients from the best foods & technology in the Italian region. You'll immediately feel a great difference in your hair. It will feel softer, stronger, & more nourished the longer you use it.


Shampoo. Conditioner. Masques.

Structure + Nourishing

Serums. Leave-ins. Protectants.
Styling Products. Dry Shampoos. Texture/Hair Sprays.