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Product Brands

Being a  die hard hairstylist & educator, I always strive to be on the cutting edge of  education, products, & trends. Bringing my clients the best of the best.


The products I trust for my clients to use on  their hair makes a huge impact with their daily routine. Creating healthier, more manageable tresses that are easy to work with.​ Working behind the chair + traveling the country educating other salons & stylists has led me to get my hands on some pretty amazing products and technology that I'm so excited to share with you guys. 

Alterna + Davines + Schwarzkopf are my top 3 tiers of product power houses in my realm. What I love is they're companies that encompass sustainability meeting beauty. While always striving to be on the cutting edge of product & color technology to enhance the world & people around them whenever possible. You'll notice a great impact on your hair and scalp almost immediately. The results always speak for themselves. You guys will love!


About the Companies

All three of these companies are uniquely different and carry their own amazing qualities to the table. After 10 years working behind the chair, with countless different products ( I'm a product junkie up with the best of them). The composition + all the amazing ingredients of these products give my clients their dream hair. 


Having the ability and opportunity to work with so many different products and color brands helped me zone in on the very best.  I test  out products constantly behind the chair and on myself personally.


That way I can be confidant that I'm bringing you guys the best of the best.

Take a look below and see what line matches best with you.


Q: Is there really a difference between all these products out there?

A: Absolutely.  Every product out there is made up of different compositions of different ingredients . They come from different molecules & sources around the world. Each company & brand have their own make-ups for product formulas. They all bring their own unique remedies to the table. Which is why not every product is going to work the same on different people. Also why some people swear by  certain products & others could leave them.

Q: How do I use these products?

A:  Head over to their each individual product page under the Browse section in menu bar and select Alterna, Davines, or Schwarzkopf. Products are broken down into their 3 forms and further explained what they are & what they do. Enjoy!

Q: Are they easy to use?

A: Very! These professional products also come with instructions on the packaging to guide you on how to use the product. They're all water soluble as well. Meaning the products break down during the shampoo-ing process & won't create build up on the hair.

Q: How do I we know which products to buy?

A: A stylist can always help you pick out the right product, usually after a consultation about your needs, wants, and expectations from your hair and products. If you're looking for an in-depth consultation + assessment and product recommendations  with tutorials, head over to the Hair Quiz page. Go ahead & take the quiz and then schedule your assessment for your own personalized product routine!

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