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Alterna Hair Care

Clean Philosophy + Alternative Beauty

Alterna Hair Care is designed to inspire and inform with every product. They've been on the scene since the 90's for Clean Philosophy and looking for the uniqueness in Alternative Beauty. I love that they work constantly to give maximum positive impact on hair & to minimize their environmental impact.

Creating all their products with a minimalist development, cutting out what you don't need! They're products are made using Potent Botanicals with other high quality Essential Ingredients your hair's looking for. 

Shampoo. Conditioner. Masques.
Serums. Leave-ins. Protectants.
Structure + Nourishing
Styling Products. Dry Shampoos. Texture/Hair Sprays. 


Q: Whats the price point for this product line?

A: This is our Mid - Tier  price point  for products. Great for all types. You can expect these products to last  10 --14 weeks while typically washing 1-3 X a week. You can head to our shop to check out pricing, listed on the front page beneath the desired product.

Q: Why would I pick this line? What makes this line different?

A: Alterna Products are Perfect for the everyday use for all hair types. Their ingredients  are clean & mild, making sure not to over burden or leave residues on the hair. Alterna products have a great balance of protein and moisture elements which is the perfect duo to make sure hair stays strong & healthy!

Q: Sounds intriguing! What type of client is this line meant for?

A: Everyone! We especially love these products for people who don't have any major hair issues, that require immediate attention. An amazing middle of the road product with big results! It works to make sure your hair has a  great healthy mix of nutrients + vitamins to stay healthy, manageable & soft. 

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