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Davines: OI Conditioner

Davines: OI Conditioner

SKU: 217537123517253

For all hair types. OI Conditioner is rich and buttery, with Key Ingrediant Roucou Oil providing hydration and shine. Softens and moisturizes hair without over-burdening or being heavy.

250 ml / 8.8 Oz. US Net Wt.: Davines Oi Conditioner

Oi---- Is an advanced formula of Roucou Oil from the Amazon. 
Roucou Oil a great multi-benefit oil, high in 
 Beta-Carotene ( *Helps restructure the function of hair).

That aids in reducing cellular damage or pre-mature signs of aging hair due to UV/Sun damage. Keeping hair healthy & happy.

Oi Conditioners rich & buttery formula is great for any hair type. It provides beautiful hydration for soft & smooth hair without feeling weighed down. 
1-2 TB for Medium/Thick hair types. 1-2 tsp for Fine/Medium hair types.
Best on clean, towel dried hair. Put  mostly on Mids + Ends of hair. Rinse.  
Should last 10-20 Weeks based on hair type & washings per week.

** Color Safe

Apply to freshly cleasned, towel dried hair. Clip up hair for 2-3 mintues then rinse.

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