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Davines: SOLU Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser

Davines: SOLU Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser


 It also removes pollution particles to help city-proof your mane. Regular use has a texturizing effect, minimizing signs of hair aging, maintaining cleanliness and boosting the volume of hair right from the root.Apply a tablespoon to wet hair. Gently massage onto the scalp to build a rich lather, adding more water if necessary. Can be used as a shampoo or followed with a second cleanse using your usual shampoo. 

Its great at exfoliating the scalp while moisturizing, instead of drying out. Which helps the scalp not to dry creating more flakes, a viscous cycle. 

250 ml/ 11.9 Oz. U.S. Net wt.: Davines Solu Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser

SOLU  Line is great for deep cleansing or detoxing the hair. 
Formulated with Valtellina Buckwheat Extract. Rich in mineral salts like iron, zinc, selenium + proteins which cleanse & strengthen the hair. It also brings a high concentration of essential amino acids + anti-oxidants  like lysine, threonine, & tryptophan to the hair to keep it nourished. 
Solu / Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser takes that another step, when the regular shampoo isn't enough. Great for people with dry/flay scalp or heavy build-up on the hair. A perfect deep, yet gentle cleansing paste to remove build-up + impurities. This. scrub exoflites your scalp while moisturizing at the same time. Apply to a dry, dirty scalp & massage into problem areas. Add water after scrubbing for a few minutes. Emulsify + scrub  into a lather & rinse. Shampoo again if needed, follow by conditioner or mask.

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