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Davines: Curl Building Serum

Davines: Curl Building Serum


For creating defined, bouncy curls. Adds elasticity and shine to curls while preventing frizz and blocking humidity. Curls are super shiny, resistant to frizz and humidity and defined.

250 ml / 8.45 fl. Oz. U.S.: Davines Curl Building Serum

Great for our wavy, curly, coil-y, & kinky girls. This is a hydrating/holding curl serum to enhance your natural curls! Creating bouncier, shiny, + more define curls. It keeps them soft and smooth by cutting down on frizz & blocking humidity so your tresses don't get stressed.

Apply 1-3 quarter size applications all over wet hair, add 1-2 more quarters if needed when hair is 80-70% wet for more define curls.

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